New Client Information

New clients are always welcome at the Shaughnessy Veterinary Hospital. We request that an appointment is scheduled ahead of time, to minimize any waiting or disruption to your day. Appointments are available Monday to Saturday. On Thursdays we are open later to accommodate those with a busy schedule.

New clients should arrive a few minutes before the appointment time to allow proper processing of your information and your pet's file. If you are bringing your pet for his physical examination and vaccines, we request you bring a fresh stool (fecal) sample from your pet with you. We don't need much - and it should be very fresh.

If your pet is ill and requires additional diagnostic testing or hospitalization, an estimate of costs will be prepared and discussed with you. Please bring any financial concerns to the attention of the Doctor at this time. It is expected that your bill be paid at the time of discharge of your pet. We accept VISA, Master Card, Interac and cash only; we cannot offer payment plans or delayed billing.


Special Events:

Animal Health Week, May 5-11, 2002

Shaughnessy Veterinary Hospital and Network 4 Animals raised nearly $250 towards spaying and neutering through plant, craft and hot dog sales.raised over $250 towards spaying and neutering of pets in the Mailland.

Dr. Leah and the team at the Shaughnessy Veterinary Hospital would like to thank all the sponsors of our very successfull second annual Animal Health Week Open House. Gifts and prizes were supplied by: K9 Social Club, PoCo Cat & Dog Grooming, Novartis, Ayerst, Bayer, MediCal, Hill's Pet Nutrition, Aventix, Pet Plan, Pfizer, Merial and Janssen.

Here is the list of prizes with the donors and the lucky winners!


"Best Pet"

Mitzu Clutchey

a comfy custom dog bed and toy,
donated by Kelly Morris of the K9 Social Club

"Cutest Dog/Puppy"

"Mate" Costa and Diane Young's herd of dogs

Chuck-It dog toys,
donated by Rhonda Ashcroft of Ayerst

"Best Duo"

"Max" and "Maggie" Fennel-Dolga

First Aid Kit,
donated by Tara Evans of Pet Plan

"Favorite Dog Photo"

"Spanky" and "Jodi" Weinberg

Heartgard pack,
donated by Lisa Hopkins of Bayer

More Photo Winners:

- Fleecy Blanket, donated by Hill's Pet Nutrition, won by Joyce Bilton
- grooming gift certificate, donated by Pat Hall of PoCo Cat & Dog Grooming, won by "Honey" Inna
- Advantage gift pack, donated by Lisa Hopkins of Bayer, won by "Muffy" and "Sasha" Sharpe

Sentinel scrub top & MediCal treats -- "Raven" and "Rhun" Sakhrani
Dog Bowl/Capstar gift pack - "Blackie" King
Enzadent dental gift packs - "Tracer" McLean and "Shadow" Gray
Disposable cameras/cat goodies - "Muffin" Treptow and "Delilah" McDonald
Camping Dog Bowl - "Todd" Rae
Advantage gift pack - "Tessa" Levelton
Food and Treats - "Max" Woodley, "King" Elliot, Childerhose and Greggain families


Our favorite Photos of some of our special Patients

<<< Chance is our hospital's official "greeter". Although he arrived on our doorstep with grievous injuries that left him permanently paralyzed from his waist back, he zooms around the hospital in his custom wheelchair and when he needs a nap, he drives right up to his thick cushiony bed and "parks" for a well-deserved rest. top

This the great Dane, Duke, all dressed up as a hockey player for Halloween. Apparently Duke thinks we were giving out candy and milkbones and he wants his share. >>>


<<< Not all our patients fall into the cat or dog categories. This is "Jet" and he is an Sugar Glider from Australia. top

You have already met our hospital cat Chance. Well imagine our surprise when into our office walks "Jax", a kitty who looks so much like Chance that they could be "twins". Chance is on the left... or is that him on the right? >>>


<<< Angel-One and her kittens, Angel-Two, Tommy and Michael, who were born by Caesarean section at the Shaughnessy Veterinary Hospital on January 19, 2002.


The Speller family with their new chocolate lab puppy "Chase Koda Cruise" >>>


<<< Dr.Leah operates on an Easter Egg... :-).

It was an eggs-acting operation that required an eggs-purt surgeon. Eggs-tra post-operative care helped the patient make a full recovery, although eggs-tensive physical therapy was required.




I Love My Tigger!

photo byTracy F.


2nd Place


photo by Kathy P.

3rd Place (tie)


photo by Kelly M.

3rd Place (tie)

Is The Coast Clear?

photo by Joy L.

3rd Place (tie)


photo by Tracy F.



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