The staff at the Shaughnessy Veterinary Hospital is made up of very dedicated people that truly love animals and their jobs. Dr. Leah is a member of the British Columbia and Canadian Veterinary Medical Associations. On full-time staff is a Registered Animal Health Technician (RAHT), who has been specially trained in monitoring anesthesia, among other skills. All the members of the team keep up to date with continuing education seminars and courses.

Dr. Leah Montgomery

Dr. Leah is proud to call Vancouver home, being one of the few veterinarians in the area who was actually born here!

Dr. Leah attended the University of British Columbia, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, then suffered four harsh winters in Saskatoon at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine. She managed not to get frost bitten (although her car did freeze completely for three days!) and moved back to the beautiful West Coast in 1995.

Dr. Leah began practice at the Granville Island Veterinary Hospital but after five years she decided it was time for a change. She moved to Coquitlam and began practice at the Shaughnessy Veterinary Hospital. In April 2001 she purchased the Hospital from Dr. Kassam and is enjoying both the practice and the management side of veterinary medicine.

Between spaying cats and vaccinating dogs, Dr. Leah manages to find time to snowboard in the winter and rip up the trails on her mountain bike year-round.

And she is the mother of 2 fur-babies, her cats named Chinela and Sunny. "I love dogs!" she protests. "But with my crazy schedule, cats are easier to care for. I am "Auntie" to all the dogs that come through the hospital doors. The best part is I get to give them back!", she says with a grin.


Dr. Ashley Danyluk
(pronounced “Danny Luck”)

Ashley grew up in New Westminster and was known around town as the drummer of the high school jazz band. She lived in Vancouver while completing a degree in Agricultural Sciences at UBC, then in Saskatoon while attending the Western College of Veterinary Medicine. She graduated with her DVM in 2011.

Ashley got her start in veterinary medicine by attending a day camp for kids at the Burnaby SPCA in 1994. For the next decade, she worked every summer as an SPCA camp counselor and during the school year as a humane educator. During university and vet school, she worked at Mosquito Creek Veterinary Hospital , Scottsdale Veterinary Hospital , Vancouver Animal Shelter, and the Winnipeg Humane Society. She also participated in free spay/neuter clinics in remote areas of California and North Dakota .

During her free time, Ashley enjoys camping, hiking and surfing. She can be found most weekends training dogs and participating in dog sports. Her experiences in rescue led her to adopting two shelter bully breed dogs: mixed breed Fletcher and Ontario refugee pit bull Granger. Ashley and her husband Rob are also parents of two guinea pigs named Vincent Price and Spooky Fox.


Jan Werger, Registered Animal Health Technician (RAHT)

Jan hails from the wilds of Whonnock where she spends her off-time tending her garden and trying to convince her canine helper, Voodoo, that burying a milk bone will NOT grow a milk bone tree, no matter how well-fertilized!

Jan graduated from the University College of the Cariboo's Animal Health Technology program in 1996.  After graduation she worked with Dr. Dennis Jackson at the Granville Island Veterinary Hospital .  In 1998 she expanded her horizons to Port Coquitlam , joining the team at the Shaughnessy Veterinary Hospital .  A few years ago, Jan discovered a flair for teaching, and is an instructor at the VOAC program at Douglas College .  The experience allows Jan to share her enthusiasm for this amazing industry with both her co-workers at the clinic and the great students at Douglas College .

Jan has a passion for all things furred and four-legged; her own family includes her gardening companion Voodoo, 3 cats - Jersey, Baxter and Oops, and 3 guinea pigs, Cooper, Tator and Tot.


Jennifer Fielding RAHT

Jenn is a long time resident of Port Coquitlam who was born and raised in the lower mainland. After a couple of years of College she traveled to Australia for a year where she toured the country like many other backpackers from all over the world. Jenn has always had a lifelong love of animals. When she returned from Australia she went back to school where she completed the Animal Health Technology program.

While working at SVH she offered to foster “Thunder”, a not so quiet 16 year old cat who was temporarily living at the clinic. This was supposed to be a short term arrangement however as soon as Thunder moved in it was clear that she had no intention of leaving Jenn. Thunder has the energy of a cat half her age and is prone to midnight romps that can wake an entire household. It is clear to anyone who goes over to Jenn's place that Thunder is the real head of the household.


Laura Crichton, VOA/Reception

Laura joined the team at the Shaughnessy Veterinary Hospital in August 2008 after graduating from the Veterinary Office and Animal Care program at Douglas College .

A Port Coquitlam hometown girl, she spends her time taking care of the newest addition to her family, an orange tabby kitten named Alice, and visiting her other furry creatures that live at her parents: a black and white cat named Cohen and a Jack Russell Terrier named Mollie.  In her spare time she likes to read, dance when she thinks no one is watching, and in the winter she enjoys snowboarding.

Laura would love to add more furry family members but she needs to wait until she has more room!  Until then she enjoys all the animals that come through the hospital doors.


Lauren Boucher, Receptionist

Lauren was born in Calgary, raised in Port Coquitlam. Before joining the Shaughnessy Veterinary team in the summer of 2008 she didn't know what she wanted to do with her life, just shortly after joining the staff she realized “this was it, this is career for me”.

Her favourite part of the job is meeting all the animals that come through the door. She loves seeing the different personalities of each pet and owner. She takes great satisfaction on seeing the clients and patients go home happy and healthy. Lauren would eventually like to go back to school to further her skills and become a Veterinary Technician; for now she enjoys spending her days at the clinic and learning everything she can.

Over the years Lauren has owned and cared for many animals: Gerbils, Rats, Snakes, Frogs, Birds, a Piranha and Dogs. Lauren will always remember Christmas when she was in grade five when her parents surprised her with a puppy Springer Spaniel “Holly”. Growing up Holly always seemed more like a sister than the family dog. Currently she has one fur baby “Scarlett” a very cheeky black Pomeranian, whom she has immensely enjoyed training and teaching new things. In her spare time Lauren likes to take Scarlett for walks/hikes and pretty much anywhere that will allow her to go. Her hobbies include reading, spending time with friends and she loves horseback riding.


Nicole Barclay, VOA/Reception

Nicole joined the team at Shaughnessy Veterinary Hospital in January 2011, after a year of maternity leave. She graduated from West Coast College in 2005 from the Veterinary Assistant Program and has been working in Veterinary Hospitals for the last 6 years.

Nicole has a true passion for animals!  She was born and raised on her family's dairy farm in Pitt Meadows. She has experience with all different animals you name it, she has owned it and trained it ( Buffalo , Deer, Goats, Cows, Horses, Chickens, Dogs, Cats and the list goes on). When Nicole is not working at Shaughnessy, she enjoys working on the farm and spending with her family.


Chance's Story

Chance (as in second chance) is one of those sad hard luck kitties that veterinary professionals come across all too often. The year was 2000, the time early spring. One day a very pathetic looking, skinny, flea- and worm-ridden black and white cat was literally dumped on our doorstep. He was completely paralyzed in his back end, covered in dirt, feces and urine, had several open infected wounds, and to top it all off, some cruel person had cut all his whiskers off.

Dr. Leah took one look at this sad excuse for a cat and the cat looked up at her with his big yellow eyes - the rest is, as they say, history. There was just something in his eyes - his spirit shining through - and Dr. Leah saw past his injuries as he communicated to her his desire to live.

After consulting with the rest of the hospital team, Dr. Leah agreed to give the little guy a chance (hence his name). An x-ray was taken of his back but no broken bones were found. He was neutered, tattooed for identification, had his parasites treated, and received physiotherapy several times daily to increase his muscle strength.

After about a month, Chance had gained enough strength that he was able to hold his upper body off the floor and was showing some movement in his tail and toes. He was getting so strong that he was starting to move around the hospital, dragging his back end behind him. Since he really couldn't use a litter box, the girls would follow him around with a mop cleaning up his "accidents". It was soon obvious that he needed a diaper. A trip to the store resulted in a purchase of newborn size 1's for him. We cut a hole for his tail and it worked ... custom kitty diapers!

As Chance became more mobile, a second problem became evident. The friction created as he dragged his hind legs was causing open sores on his knees - so one of the members of the hospital team designed special "jeans" for him to protect his legs. He has several pairs, and even has a pair of red pants that go with his Santa hat for Christmas!

Then in the summer of 2001, Chance became the lucky owner of a kitty "wheelchair"!

He now zo-o-o-oms around the hospital, greeting everyone as the enter, keeping an eye on all our patients and generally charming all who meet him.

He has even been featured in the Tri-City News!

Chance continues to improve, gaining strength and moving his legs and tail more as time goes by. While we have never lost hope that one day he might be able to walk, for now he seems very content in his position of floor sweeper and keeper of the cat treats. He has a huge fan club, many of who stop in just to say "hi" to him... the kitty who got a second chance!


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